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1. What is TEFL? Why should I get certified?

Being able to speak English is not the same as being able to teach English. TEFL and TESOL courses train participants to explain language structures when they do not share a common language with students. In a TEFL course you will learn how to create effective practice opportunities and perform in a language classroom. Becoming certified for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) will also bring added value to your resume for employers seeking English teachers. There is a high demand for quality English instruction both domestically and internationally. As a graduate of Boston TEFL Classes, you will make yourself a better candidate to fill such positions and be able to deliver quality instruction to English learners. 


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2. How much does a course with Boston TEFL Classes cost?

Our TEFL courses cost $500 including registration, tuition, and course materials. Some participants incur minimal expenses for teaching materials when writing their own lessons (e.g. flashcards, printing, etc.). Being part of a non-profit dedicated to serving the Boston community, we offer the most affordable TEFL certification in Boston!


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3. How is Boston TEFL Classes different from other TEFL programs?

Our TEFL courses in Boston focus on both lesson planning and real-life teaching experience in the classroom. Our TEFL certification program's practicum provides you with up to 4 times more teaching experience than any other TEFL certification program in Boston. Additionally, our classes are taught by instructors with years of experience teaching English and training teachers in a wide variety of classroom settings—both local and international, from preschool to college to adults, and from public schools to corporate classes. 


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4. What if I need to cancel? Do you offer refunds?

If participants decide to withdraw from the course before the initial payment deadline, the entire tuition will be refunded, minus the $50 non-refundable registration fee. In case of unforeseen circumstances, participants who cannot successfully complete their coursework (not including practicum) can re-register for the following cycle of classes, pending availability; the cost of re-registering is $100. 


*Boston TEFL Classes reserves the right to remove participants from the program if they are not meeting minimum requirements. In that case, participants would be refunded the remainder of their tuition, prorated according to the number of sessions and practicum hours remaining in the course.


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5. How long is a typical course with Boston TEFL Classes?

Classes run for 10 weeks. The average time to complete the course, including the teaching practicum, is approximately 4-6 months. To accommodate busy schedules, there is flexibility in completing the teaching practicum. All requirements must be met within 8 months of the original start of the program.


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6. What kind of certification does Boston TEFL Classes offer?

Boston TEFL Classes offers a certification from our organization that details the course requirements and hours. Additionally, students receive a personalized letter of recommendation, and employers can contact us through our portal to further inquire about our program and their applicants. To keep our course affordable to the Boston community, Boston TEFL Classes is not accredited by a third party. To know if Boston TEFL Classes offers the right certificate for you, please research the area and schools in which you plan to work to see their requirements.   


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7. Why is Boston TEFL Classes nonprofit?  What is its mission?

Boston TEFL Classes has 3 goals in its nonprofit mission:

1. Improve the quality of TEFL and TESOL training. The intensive training provided during this program, coupled with its substantial teaching practicum, sets graduates of our TEFL course apart from those of other programs. The increased confidence and awareness that our teachers bring to the classroom translate into better classes for English learners.

2. Provide affordable and effective training for individuals who want to teach in Boston's communities. Boston, as with many cities, has a dire need for effective instructors to teach English to low-income residents, who benefit by receiving equitable healthcare, finding meaningful employment, and becoming stronger advocates for themselves and their families.

3. Provide affordable and effective TEFL training to work in refugee centers around the world. For millions of people, their educational development has been stunted for many years. Teaching English, or applying the principles learned in the Boston TEFL Classes to teach other subjects, can make a tremendous impact on communities and have positive effects for generations to come.  


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