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Courses Information

Tuition is $500. 

Please send any inquiries or questions to

Course Overview

110-120 total course hours including...

  • 85 hours of coursework including intensive in-class training and independent lesson planning and homework.

  • a 25-hour teaching practicum with observations and coaching.*  

  • Individualized training support and job placement support throughout the course.

  • Class sizes are capped at 5 students to increase individual attention.

Course Details

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TEFL Course Details
Boston TEFL Classes TESOL Courses

Course Work

The 85 hours of coursework for Boston TEFL Classes includes 48 hours of intensive in-class training.  During this time, new topics are discussed, teaching skills are practiced, and questions are answered.  Participants also spend approximately 37 hours writing lesson plans, designing activities, and completing homework between class meetings.  Instructors regularly provide detailed feedback on assignments outside of class time.  


TESOL Course Work
TEFL Teaching Practicum

Teaching Practicum

Boston TEFL Classes' 25-hour teaching practicum progresses from guided observations to simulated teaching to ultimately, "live" teaching real ESOL students (approximately 16 hours). These sessions include individualized coachings and they expose participants to different teaching environments such as tutoring, co-teaching, and lead teaching.  The teaching practicum can be officially extended by up to 10 hours of "live" teaching to accommodate your needs at no additional cost. See the SCHEDULE page for more information about times and locations for completing your practicum. 

Individuals looking only to complete their teaching practicum for another program, may be eligible to participate in this teaching practicum.  Email for more information


Participant Expectations

Complete a brief telephone interview with course instructor prior to start of course

Successfully complete lesson planning and teaching evaluations throughout TEFL certification course

Complete all course requirements within 8 months of course start date (average completion of TEFL course and teaching practicum is 4-6 months)

Possess sufficient oral proficiency and understanding of grammar by the end of the course to facilitate student learning of American English

Schedule extra help with course instructors outside of regular class time (at no additional cost) and complete additional assignments and independent work if experiencing difficulty meeting expectations


TESOL Participant Expectations
TEFL Course Topics

Course Topics

Boston TEFL Classes prepares participants for small group settings, tutoring sessions, full immersion classrooms, substituting, and accommodating multiple proficiency levels by covering the following topics:

  • Writing effective lesson plans

  • Employing strategies for teaching grammar

  • Applying classroom management

  • Designing engaging activities

  • Topics in general education and linguistics

  • Topics in cultural learning environments

  • Creating assessments

  • Understanding TEFL hiring and employment

  • Talking about (American) English grammar



Job Placement Support

This course provides support with writing your resume, preparing for interviews, and evaluating potential opportunities.  It also includes Q&A sessions with Boston TEFL Classes alumni who teach or have taught locally and across the globe. 



TESOL Job Placement Support
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