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About the AWLCI TEFL Program

Our Program


AWLCI's dedication to excellence in education, both in our TEFL Training Courses and in our active community English courses, truly sets us apart! Our trainers provide one-on-one attention to fully develop your skills. We offer classes at three different levels of mastery, accomodating beginners as well as those with previous teaching experience. Starting with an intensive weekend introductory workshop, participants spend the ten-week course immersing themselves in English instruction. They observe classes; lead drills; learn how to write lesson plans, assessments, and homework; and review guides and workshops, all while teaching in front of real students. All students graduate our program with a work portfolio and a letter of recommendation from us.


What happens after graduation? We actively utilize our partnerships to connect our graduates to local and international organizations looking for teachers. Participants benefit from active involvement with our ESOL classes in the Boston community.

Our Philosophy


Our TEFL program empowers participants to work abroad, within local communities, in refugee camps, schools, and other locations and institutions around the world.


We prepare our graduates to create an active, immersive, and positive learning environment. Participants become highly knowledgable in effective communication in English and develop skills in lesson planning, classroom management, and creating teaching materials. Each of our three levels of certification introduces participants to different teaching methodologies and teaching environments. Advanced and Mastery levels delve into curriculum development and teacher training in more detail.  

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