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Boston TEFL Certification Program

Get Certified to Teach English Abroad or in your Community

Boston TEFL Classes is a TEFL Certification Course in historic Boston that prepares participants to teach English around the world and in their own communities.  The opportunity to teach in a real community-English classroom empowers our TEFL participants to teach with confidence and skill.  As a non-profit dedicated to serving the Boston community, we are committed to making our program the most affordable TEFL Training Course in Boston!


Course Tuition is $500making our program the most affordable TEFL Training Course in Boston! 

This course provides participants with 4 times more classroom experience than any other TEFL certification course in Boston.

We host teaching practicums for participants of other certification programs. 

We are currently working to revise our curriculum, and are not currently offering TEFL courses. We hope to start courses up again in 2025.

For additional information, visit our Course Info and FAQ pages 

or contact us directly at

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