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Past Experiences


"Interning at AES World Languages and Cultures Institute this summer was a very rewarding experience. As a small organization AWLCI gave me the opportunity to take on a leadership role, and was comfortable and welcoming work environment. I was able to take on tasks and projects that gave me the sense of making a real difference in the organization. Working at AWLCI also taught me skills and gave me experiences that will be applicable to my future jobs in a variety of different fields."

- Julia Randle (Associate Director of Community Programs) George Washington University ‘14


“The Internship at AWLCI was an experience I will never forget. Although I had a busy schedule at school, coming into the office was always my favorite part of the week. I was able to work on many different projects while learning something new every day. Planning the Roma Lirica trip was challenging, but so rewarding, teaching me skills that I am currently using in other fields of work. The work environment was spectacular. My colleagues and supervisors were all helpful and kind, making me look forward to working on something every day."  

- Nour Al Kudsi (Programs Coordinator for International Immersions) Boston University ‘16


"AES helped prepare me for the career I am pursuing in foreign language education. Working alongside experienced language instructors provided me with guidance in my own lesson planning, classroom management, and other valuable skills. As a result of my work with AES, I have become a more capable teacher, and I truly understand the value of teaching in the target language."

- Liz Creamer  (Curriculum Developer)  Lynch School of Education Boston College Class '14

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